aJarmin , I ile to call in the services of a physician.
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a great degree to the use of impure water in both places. The
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induces a collapsed, contracted, and compact state of the lungs. If the heart be
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age of windy days — more or less violent — may be set down as
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much more lai^ly in Ireland than in England^ and Mr.Gladstone^
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responding to a known diminution. In proportion to the number of
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the sex all vulnerable ; in the other ho comes to have respect for female virtue. It
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blood, this being the form of vomiting best relieved by calomel.
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the pleura. Blood, chiefly fluid, in excess in the right cavities of
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not claim that it cures the disease. Minot and Lee state that
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in a previously diseased valve. The following case gives a
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efiective plan of treatment, amputation at the joint above the
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showing the danger of persons becoming poisoned by using lead water pipes. Dr.
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scure and acquired properties (possibly also from some interference
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mountain residence for the invalid. The first objection is refuted
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inflicts upon males and females, can never be known till the judgment of God. The
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21st. — Has had three more punctures from -^^th to -^Uti of a
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or while fife remains in the body. In some animals it performs its office for a much
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children. They carry with them an interest to the mind, and by keeping that in
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Mitscherlicfi. — L* Union Medicaley August 22nd, 1867.
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In the evening the temperature was 101 F.°, and on the following
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after diagnosis is made is two and a half years. These remissions
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because they are attenuated by their mixture and combination with
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Polypus, — Houel. Case of Naso-Pharyngeal Polypus. (Gaz.
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during sleep, nor should thick feather beds be much used. I much prefer the good
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paralysis of the diaphragm, and all the other symptoms ; for there
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the surface of the left forearm and hand led to the production
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Hebd., No. 48. Patient died of hsmorrhage.) — P^. Case of
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in this respect; and the temperature in several instances was
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condition of the liver and spleen, (which encroach upon the cavity of the chest and
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An Ovariotomy in 1701. E. Eosbeble. — Qax. Hebdomad., 1866.
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acid, morphine, narcotine, codeine, narceine, opianyl), nux
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duct of still-fed cows, or is basely diluted and adulterated, they unblushingly make
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ago, before the public, by the author, numerous persons have made repeated unsuc-
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Although the patient's condition after the operation was
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tary syndrome should be considered as a possible explanation
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and the simultaneous excretion of other substances, observations
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Valentine Cateby, died aged 116, at Preston, near Hull, England. His diet for
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