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tremities is objectionable, because it produces an artificial heat exter-
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steamers bring it in three or four days from Jamaica, Cuba,
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lated, and the sick-room must be quiet and somewhat dark. All excite-
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the chairman might not be able to answer. Clearly, the man to
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To return to Atwater and Woods. They give the result
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preserving the nerve centres alert until the poison can be eliminated.
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granted that they had been studying medicine in all for three
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erable fatty degeneration of the parenchymatous tissues. Rigor mortis
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The rectal and axillary temperatures were taken ; the patient was then
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shape and ready for another round. The patella is often
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rhagic, into the subarachnoid space and the ventricles may be noted,
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a chair which had been inverted, the back of the chair resting upon
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Typhoid fever is mildly contagious, doubtless, and for this
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idiosyncrasies, and it is well to remember them. I believe
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The worse the diabetes, the more proteids, fats, and alcohol
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septic precautions this mode of entrance is, comparatively speaking,
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With our present knowledge of the several varieties of goitre
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The fact that acute articular rheumatism is a relatively frequent com-
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partly filled before being placed in position ; then water may be con-
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cities are moves in the right direction, and the results are very