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Delivered before the Philadelphia County Medical Society, Feb.
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powerful for evil. Small doses of strychnine (gr. -^ to -^-^^ at
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ing areas of science. I am simply saying that society must carefully evaluate new
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reduction in a case of twelve years' standing, by combin-
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mission, with which he was so judiciously charged. Dr.
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cantharides, etc., may be added to the exciting causes.
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be likely to follow the incision, and making the cut only long
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As regards the other luxations at the elbow, I can not say
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against the largest North American family, it wasn't
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certainly present a positive and rational indication for
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sues that it had studied. And it pointed in particular to several top-
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hypothesis of an active dilatation of the vessels, admitted
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and apothecaries from vending quack or secret medicines, or from
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the case of a man who died from a blow on the head, but at
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New Medical Journal.— The St. Joseph, Mo., Medical Society
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the handle of the lithotrite a very little, so as to lift its
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was a perfectly inoffensive means, it is evident there
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of them except drawings which I carefully preserved.
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we find it very flat below, a little less so in the
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ling with water of about the same temperature was repeated
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abdomen. All tissues were bile-stained. The gall-bladder lay
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lime anger : 'You do not leave the room until that opera-
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amongst the wounded, and whilst the men from the bat-
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acteristics, so that we could recognize in their descendants the
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In the variety known as single hare-lip, the fissure
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upon which the profession can rely for reference in
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public of America to the fact, that Southern physicians
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the individual, and in the effects produced upon him by
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process is easy and inexpensive, the demonstrators of
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for twenty-one months. Taxis had been tried fourteen
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on the views that were held at that time on this affection, and
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sentence : "no one, however scrupulous, need fear to admit
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critical, and I was obliged to abandon my efforts for the
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Peterson, Presbyterian clergyman, by Mr. Rogers, Epis-
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dence depends. But, if a distant member of the faculty, whose
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comparatively healthy-looking granulating surface ex-
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body itself, especially as there is generally a distaste for food,
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verv often show that their fervid declamations are "mere

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio