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The typical cases of each variety are, however, fairly distinctive.
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of cases in which there is severe pericarditis, and adds greatly to the suffering
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Fig. 4. — Smear preparation of influenza bacilli from culture. X 1000.
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in about 30 per cent, of cases, i. e., nearly one in every three
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has been observed in about 3 per cent, of the fatal cases at the South Depart-
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changes in the kidney. It is difficult to decide the number of each but in the
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^Reed and Carroll: "The Etiology of Yellow Fever: A Supplemental Note,"
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impregnated ovum, with its segmentation ; now we know *
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It is probable also that there are profound changes in delicate proteid
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is a bad sign; its presence does not permit conclusions as to the outcome.
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When an albuminuria accompanies casts, the significance
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leukocytes, and. intramuscular hemorrhages occur. The heart valves
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Correction of diet is the first indication, careful high irrigation of the large
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Hospital, Philadelphia, by F. Fraley, there were 95 cases of empyema. Of
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attacks of the disease. The desquamation has been described as lamellar,