left midclavicular line in the fourth and fifth interspaces. A pre
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edited by Professor Krause is the composite work of thirteen colla
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dicitis where pure cultures of colon bacilli were obtained.
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utilitarian aspect of science depends upon the right understanding
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its point of attachment there is augmentation of volume but no
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of chronic typhlitis and perityplilitis in which massage improved or
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and inhibitory fibres of the heart. In this case the immediate
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metal capsule was closed by a thin flexible membrane such as Roy
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and Academy of the Natural Sciences Philadelphia of the American Physiological
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of gyniecological cases Sweiciki ltused the following formulae
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good results. The examples which are j iven are those of eflusion
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instances 10 of them being cases of aortic insufficiency. Granular
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Art. 63. On Ulcerative Inflammation of the Valves of the
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Certainly in the instance which I have related the rheumatic
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he declared himself nearly cured and before the end of another he
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carried out experimental work in order to determine the conditions
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the safe charge of his patient and he could neither remain with
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The bacillus isolated from cases of colon bacilluria differ from each
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A form of continued fever which has been designated Epidemic
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times effected a cure of the fissure a result which seems to justify
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injection. The first dose has a sensitizing effect the condition
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No other circumstance but pregnancy and lactation had exerted any in
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necessitate change in notions commonly received by medical men.
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shortened. Seibert thinks that the effect of camphor may be explained
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these circulatory conditions and the occurrence of murmurs constant
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diarrhoea attacks of local innammation especially if neglected or if
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wise placed in novel and embarrassing situations his power of utterance is
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during the day. It is true the retinal sensibility is greatest im
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batants it is certain that Heenan was in a state of very deteriorated
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about the room in a rapid irregular manner with assistance using mostly
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then to inquire what are the indications we have to follow and in
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with hardly any benefit. She was recommended by a lady with whom she
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in aiding stomachic digestion in cases of hyperchlorhydria. In

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio