to ignorance of the pathology and etiology of the disease I deem it

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suffer but the same influence was exerted upon the foetus and child.

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ence was exercised on the digestive functions. The author claims

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of bread cracker and butter were immediately added to her diet.

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with the blood supply oF this region. Provisional sutures are introduced

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author believes a vegetable diet will produce better results than

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and colocynth was administered and a free evacuation of the bowels fol

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unwarrantable all conclusions and inferences based upon it are

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expect from chemical consideration for in making these substances

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they produce and is therefore sufficient to exj lain death in the absence

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healthy throughout. Nothing wrong was discovered in the spinal cord or

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repeated tend to increase the period of apyrexia especially when

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decreased arterial pressure and slowed the pulse. The drug did

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regards the development of this condition not as a defect but

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B. Pathological Otorrhagia 1. First among these comes the

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his statements after the publication of Thomas Keith saying

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On the 26th of October 1863 Dr. Copp e in consultation with

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depression varies. Sometimes the heart begins to dilate early before

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the position of the canula in the ventricle. Unless the opening

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trypsin to be applied every four hours. The administration of

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rosis. After five or six days indisposition intestinal haemorrhage

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mitting course of the disease the sluggishness and dilatation of the

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be made. Unlike mitral regurgitation the other common forms of

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far advanced is unlikely to prove a suitable one for such treatment

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in weak solutions renders the corpuscles rigid for a long time it

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were discontinued. An injection of cold water thrown up through a tube

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would have enabled me to extract each portion separately with ease but

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fibres which take part in its formation are of anterior and