obtained from the use of hydro naphthol in the treatment of enteric

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The author s investigations confirm the observations on the vital

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fluenza bacillus. There are still other cases of prolonged fever in

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Cooper suggest that cardiac asthma may arise in certain instances

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plied locally. It was found useful in small patches and areas of

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Graduated Doses for Children Graduated Table for Administering

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from air infection. The bacteriological and clinical proofs have given

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favors and develops tendencies to hysteria. As hysteria is a dis

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theory which obviates this difficulty. He proves experimentally

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it is important that infected cases should be thoroughly and promptly

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was possible to close the eye and voluntary movements of the lips

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often is increased by the excessive muscular action of athetosis.

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in the substance of the coverings of the brain and cord. The author

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often necessary to attend at once to the secondary element of the

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tervals varying from ten seconds to two hours or more. In one of

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The icterus present is certainly of the type known as polycholic

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On the following morning he was taken to the school and pronounced

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On tumors of not so hard a consistency equally good results

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had not compressed the pyramidal tracts of the medulla. The

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