in the upper or lower lid ; and at other times a number may occur simul«

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necessary. When the guillotine is used it will greatly assist the surgeon

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the differential diagnosis is thus made between syphilitic and tuberculous

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troublesome, especially in patients of a heemorrhagic diathesis, in which class

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gas upon lead salts in solution, and the deposition of the insoluble black

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The necessity for the introduction of animal vaccine lymph, to

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never absent in a purely functional disorder. The alterations which it

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happen, apparently quite suddenly, owing to the destruction of the macular

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Crt where it was collected." tt is said that no less \han a poand has

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distance from it and the hardness of the inflamed part around it, and the

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Mr. Planohe has given a formula by which lupulia may be obtained

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cachexia, through the medium of which tubercle is generated. This

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by the unskilful and the ignorant ; and worse even than this, the de-

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allays nervous irritation, exercises its general stimulant operation, and

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cum shavings, and a great plenty of raisins stoned, boiled q. s. in eqoal

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before the early capsules burst, or the plant becomes dry. This is usu-

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new Institute was begun in 1907. The Institute was completed in 1910

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The proportion, however, of cases in which the bile contained in it is of

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in its progress and termination. In other instances its commencement

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designed to accommodate about 200 patients, and has at present about

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22d. Vision improving : can distinguish the figures on the face of a

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whilst tubercular nodules occur in any part. Mucous patches and condy-

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tubercles may be detected along the Eolandic fissure, but rarely elsewhere

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hours. The amount of enlargement is usually moderate, but readily visible

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surface is deep red, and looks like a piece of fresh liver and is very vascular.

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known at present, the syphilitic poison can only be inoculated by the trans-

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An extra-medullary tumour may also produce muscular wasting and

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employed in the curative treatment of disease, and upon which attention in this

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the ages of seventeen and thirty. In childhood, on the other hand, the

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various tests indicate that the exciting cause is situated in the internal ear,