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after the lapse of an hour, we can maintain confidently that the

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Nervous Disorders. See Silver— Strontium— Strych-

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that definite tracts of fibers within the spinal cord are de-

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ditions were deplorable, and the Act had made no provision

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* I'he frequent occurrence of miliaria during the progress of

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Following the operation he recovered normal vision.

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As bearing on the last indication, Courvoisier's sign is of value:

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fail to meet all the conditions. The first of these theories

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with in the course of an arthritis, and may respond by sub-

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flimsy and juvenile matter could be written in Great Britain

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possible way of eradicating it, is to direct all our energies to

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tion of a few remarks on the therapeutics of these severe

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joins lavages of the stomach with strong alkaline solu-

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almost alwa3rs terminates favorably, even without treatment, it is bet-

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headache, vomiting, vertigo, diplopia, stiffness of the neck, unsteady gait, or

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and vice versa on the percentage of fat in single voidings of urine is

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serving in the Medical Department, United States Army,

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and vena cava, M. Brown-Sequard then tied the aorta immediately below the

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a current of air. Now, this is an unnecessary practice, likely to entail

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ren were treated by it ; with a few exceptions, the weight was

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aneurism was found to have ceased ; the tumour was hard, solid, and circum-

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outer root of this tract, (3) the hippocampus, uncus, and

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it, both in the illustrations and in the character of the liter-

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perinaeum, lumbar region, through the hips and thighs and

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so much so that while it is frequently subjected to

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but inspissated bile was causing all the trouble and that man has

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Chorea. — That there is a close association of chorea with rheumatism

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to produce an erythema so that in case any cancerous cells are left

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danger of relapse. In support of this doctrine, he gives the histories of two cases.

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Interfered with the functions of the stomach and intestines, while suc-

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In Massachusetts the law providing for the registra-

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sideration. The history of the case does not justify

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over, it is a well-established fact that a small clear aperture in

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In excision of the knee-joint direct fixation is un-

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by the fact that various institutions were endeavouring to

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mutilation caused, as the reparative power of the parts was sO'

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opinion that while those of the adult may be gay or sad in character,

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used for the purpose. The second has the objection that the blood-