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covering from an itchy pustular emption on the scalp
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count of the subject both from a clinical and from a
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As a rule the out-patient practice is extremely well attended
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pinhead hemorrhages, and large ecchymoses occurred under the capsule
tion of pus in the choroid (and iris), which escaping
The anatomical diagnosis (original) was blastomycosis of the skin, lungs,
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tom showed itself, and that is, weakness of the other lower extremity. There
five days of the operation, the child developed signs of scarlet fever,
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count of its isolation and semi-pedunculated attach-
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possible, yet in the cases occurring in the pharynx con-
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woorara, and the nitrite of amyl, the latter by inhalation. Cases which
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We should be glad to extend our notice of this book, for we have not
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The following are the principal offences of the 64 insane convicts
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ing heat of the skin subdued, a large blister should be applied to the
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catarrh at the apices, or are still in the prephysical
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strong hunger-sensations were being felt, the free acid is no
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of Poupart's ligament. This mass was semi-fluctuant, rounded,
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Cecil Graham, Ramon Jereza, Teofilio Rojan Jr, Nancy
Vascular Growths), the surface of which becomes villous. Into the
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Computed Tomography in Pulmonary Tuberous Sclerosis
the demonstration, by Young, of gonococci in pure culture in a case
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Iridocyclitis. See Iritis — Jaborandi : Ophthalmic
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chest. At first there was fever with prostration, and at
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cian to check the progress of the disease by the augmentation of
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fainting spell, not amounting to unconsciousness, accom-
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which intubation was done. Diphtheria serum was then injected. A few
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so forming what may be regarded as a constrictor of the
different from those in Holland, depend ou the difference in the
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to their destruction. Wherefore, that the itch and the dysentery may
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propagating the disease. He performed the experiment upon two healthy
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— that during his whole illn( .ss lie never had fever nor
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Chrome Red. Melt saltpetre in a crucible heated to dull red-
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spaces in which its tissue was deficient, and placenta
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others empty, and it was supposed that the amount of blood contained

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio