year. St. Mark's Ophthalmic Hospital rereivod 22-3 pa-
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to have been the case throughout the West Indies In
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George Wil&on, M.A., M.i>., F,R.S.E., Fellow of the Sanitary
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situated. This was an unheard-of innovation upon the hereditary
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LL. D., Professor of Surgery and of Clinical Surgery, University of
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present .i quantity of fuul--niellinj;, dark-iuluured di<ehar,t;e. and nut
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raising of the temperature. Anchenthaler reports a case of
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revealed by the unaided senses was exhausted, and under this
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absence of uterus etc., 6 ; amenorrhcea and vicarious menstrua-
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decide whether the organism had been previously infected. Our idea was
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and there should be no pillow under the ounce of turpentine to a pint of gruel. If
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Diagnosis. — ^It b of paramount impdrtanoe^ to consider tiie
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pathologist, noting that no bone, metal, or hair has been
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becomes very abundant and may amount to as much as 800 to 900 cc.
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retro-displacements, hypertrophied anal muscles, fracture of the
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The muscles of the shoulder which support the arm are
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such wrong to the attention of the proper prosecuting officer, who forsooth

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio