It requires no uncommon shrewdness to point out the shaky supports in

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usually increases very much as the disease progresses.

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through the abdominal parietes, as the pregnant uterus of seven months.

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consists in the terse deductions drawn from personal, practical


reaction is rapid and violent. The eyelids are usually

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thirty-two cases, that have come under my management, in all.

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any but electrical principles. But, when it is remembered

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The treatment which is the favourite at the Moorfields Royal

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end of the rubber tubing, when an ordinary medium-sized

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4th. The subject bears exposure upon the table better, and does not com-

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was at Plombierre's when taken, and returned to Paris in great agony. Dr.

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arranging the position of the tube, I was careful to guard, as far

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to burst an old gun, and accordingly loaded it with eighteen inches of

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douching and sponging so much practised. En jxissant^ — this

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text : or, if they must adhere to the plan of publishing them sepa-

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In one (after bandaging the limb from the toes to above the

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left antrum and emerged just above angle of left lower

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ration, some nitric acid added, and afterwards some thin starch

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a boy, aged 15, suffered from constant pain in the diseased part,

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i. e., if the contraction of the heart, or even of the heart and

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fatty tissues are taken up and burned in the process of respir-

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is curious to observe in tracing out the medical history of this

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of many eminent pathologists, who have expressed very

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The Excito-Secretory Function — Priority — A New Claimant.

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conscious sensations and voluntary activities, and a sympathetic,

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dernier resort. It was the only chance for life. Amputation was

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' info the Pathological Importance of Ulceration of the Os

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of the uterus, with comparatively little or no complaint. Chloro-

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ambulatory as well as those confined to bed — are considered,