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and absorption differ in different parts of the gastric cavities. The
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Recent writers, notably Hale White, have reconmiended, whenever
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means of preventing infection by this typhoid bacillus. The material
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in others the alterations in the parenchyma of the organ are the most
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there may be continued i pill, four times a day, for several weeks.
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in the blood-vessels, the prevention of angiospasm is of great
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disorders supervene. I have found that the continuous use of the
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printed in the Pharmaceutical Journal for September 17th,
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effects of their excisions than when the kidneys are removed.
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they bear a remarkable relation to the great abdominal nervous cen-
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Rogers, M..\., Gonv. and Cai.; J. W. W. Stephens, Gonv. and Cai.;
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and, hence, the greater frequency of the complaint in women. It is
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provisionally be accepted as a sound diagnostic mark. The
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brain. By analogy to other selective nerve poisons its amount may
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long. Ice-bags should never be applied directly to the skin without

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio