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antiseptic action of the constant current. During the last two

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focus to heal or become absorbed. The possibility of the production of

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The treatment commenced with a quarter of a grain of extract of belladonna

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bodies are present. Such cliangcs may seem to result from simple

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posed to have he even often drinks with avidity. Now what is his

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the present status of child labor and the employment of women in

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rigid muscles will move in obedience to a volition.

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tetany and calcium metabolism. In persons the subject of extirpa

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they are beginning to be regarded as important remedial agents.

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regards this as indicative of an acid intoxication and ascribes to

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in Western Siberia. Early in November it appeared in St. Peters

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Another circumstance may be adduced in proof that the discharga

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certain circumstances as in fatigue from prolonged muscular

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it was absolutely necessary to stop the operation on the exposure of

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with the house air they interfere with normal aeration of the

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gravest charact r on Tuesday at four p.m. without any sisna of

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cases are those in which like the latter the patient is affected ia

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the hospital and injections of autogenous colon vaccines were given

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persisted long enough acute starvation would necessarily follow with

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resistance. The stomach digests perfectly what is committed to it

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after administration per rectum. The stool is formed with no e.xcess

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covered in the feces after the administration of santonin in the

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washings of such cases contained more albumin than those of normal

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ef nally between the base chiefly the pulmonic area ami the ajiex.

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Neisser that too much value has been ascribed to this drug. In

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menses may be suppressed. Vision is often affected. In some cases

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saw a worse. The pnlse was alinoat imperceptible the skin covered

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fhe bathed part. The use of immersion baths for the entire body

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together and which consists of two or more fine steel needles

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ammonia and uric acid were diminished after alkalies. As regards

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio