cently by certain American practitiuners but as yet it has found no

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ulcerative stomatitis. The latter cleared up except for one ulcer.

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before it could be controlled tbe patient lost a considerable amount of blood.

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from its socket it will almost of necessity be drawn upwards until it

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and carbohydrates in the diet probably make no difference to the

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During the next five or six days the patient s general condition remained

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It is impossible to attribute much nutritive value to the galactan

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and ner ous symptoms. Under the former epigastric pain nau.sea

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me immediately and I ordered him a suspensory bandage a saline

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normal and complained of no syni toms i were recovering from

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fascia and abdominal wall above the pubes and a longitudinal incision

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which shows the position of such a tumor inserted in the diagram

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tbe stomach in no case was there reason to suspect that those seised

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operation which is always more or less serious may give rise to

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in the author s opinion is a toxemia acting mainly on the sympathetic

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tion of a skeleton. The interior of the body is made up of

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Bernhardt called attention to the greater fre uency of sudden

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haemoptysis and epistaxis. In cases of myoma the results were

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combination with cholochroma ao as to form coats of the tubes. This

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by the repeated experience of many of us continued through a large

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the treatment of spasmodic conditions. The dose given is 15 drops

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describe the valvulae conniventes in man as crescentic folds of

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made tolerably wet with cold water and wrung out and then fastened

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almost accurate diagnosis might be always ventured.

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Art. 68. Tahvlar statement of seventy two cases of Hamatemesis