Dr. George F. Erskine Hamilton has been appointed vice

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Graz described the rSle of microbes in the gastrointestinal

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eight hours subsequently endocapsulitis developed with

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hysteria is seen to be present nothing else is present and that

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well marked anteflexion pain and febrile disturbances

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tory of syphilis could be obtained. Each one had used spirits

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system of sewage by the former town. It is believed that

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condition of the medical department and promptly reported

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be made from chancroid herpes progenitalis. gumma epithe

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testimony from India is indecisive some holding that

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children. Subjective.symptoms Patient said that she

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By considering the causes of arrhythmia we may read

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the profession is constantly coming more and more to

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the nose reported a year or two ago is in point. It

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go to make up the brain. In the chick all this process

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deeply situated in the cornea and I do not continue it if the

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State. Seven new county societies have been established dur

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and arrived at quarantine at Port Fads on April 12 and the

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giving all of his property to his daughters. This will

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as possible. The asylum will contain the drones those

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than two weeks there has been an almost epidemic prevalence

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therefore advocated breathing exercises as the most essential

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mals should be buried deep and covered with lime or

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direction so that along with greater capacity to feel

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London from which he concludes that several groups of bacilli

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commissioned officers of the United States Marine Hospital Service

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bolism from this cause have been known to recover. There are

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Dr. Hamilton P. Howard of Alexandria has been appointed

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being drawn inward by the shrinking exudate and the

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physicians and well upheld its traditions. He was graduated

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targol and in chronic cases I first squeeze them with Knapp s

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picion of the disease. But when they received treatment