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oeomatosis. The two first of these are objectionable because the primary
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usual position, I commenced an incision along the median line of the thyroid
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have any thing especially new or original to offer, but
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carpi radialis, of which d is the fleshy part ; eef,
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Parotitis. — This is an important complication which occurred in 14
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made with ink or blue pencil. The mark should not be made at the finger
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crushed into irreg^ular fragments, or of being out with a knife. They are
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The Procurement and Training of Ground Combat Troops
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iicapacity for exertion, coming on generally about an hour after food, and
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cures and an altitude above 1200 feet should be forbidden.
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In every civilised society the art of the midwife is re-
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himself; but if a male, the lithotomy position is to be preferred,
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cold, contracted some hours, from twelve to forty-eight perhaps, before the
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great depression, septic symptoms, perhaps low temper-
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Mr. Baker Browx : I say that I have stood the brunt
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is not common, though it occasionally results from the presence of a
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these drugs be definitely settled ? Should such inquiries be pursued
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At the time of death, the tumor, according to the resident physician's
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ed as the actual seat of the morbid lesion. From the system of
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Secondly, that a strong representation be made to the Town
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fingers. The kidney is smooth and apparently not enlarged.
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and caused sweating and a sleepy condition, in which the animal jerked
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which would have proved fatal, have, on numberless occasions, been
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perature of the cold parts was not measured, as no sur
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was the immediate occasion of some very striking results
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cases of subacute or fibro-caseous phthisis, practically
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watery vapour, and at the end of ten minutes \ foreign countries, the number of English
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scription of a Perfected Apparatus for Producing both a
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was movable, not tender, apparently cystic, and the
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doses, fifteen to sixty drops every hour or two, undi-
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real cause of the disease should be treated by internal
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the Respiratory, Circulatory, and Haematopoietic Sys-
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regard to the influence of local associations : thus attacks occur
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failure, from suppuration of the sac caused by pro-
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old and a fresh infarct. In the third case, as the surface
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omverted into cysts in cases m which the presence of calculi (uric add) ia
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Symptoms in the Bog. — The first symptoms of rabies in the dog-
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This paper is based upon a study of one hundred cases of renal in-

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio