divided ocular muscles being apparently loo long and fearing leul it might

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young children in whom better results were obtained than with

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tures for diphtheria were negative antitoxin had no effect. The

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The next case related is one of noma occurring in a child three

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memory and great mobility in the ideas and impossibility of fixing

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a c interval is normal occupying only 0.2 second. It has gen

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bluish. General condition good slight fever and prostration.

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tion of the patient. It is suggested also that the local applicatioa

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rapidly downward i.e. in the direction of the movement but

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ment of carbonic acid gas does not render water from an impure

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massage forces the materials injected into the tissues or into the

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being satisfied that neither typhus nor enteric fever nor dysentery

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l e made. In this procedure the cerebellum has to be pushed over

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temperature 100 pulse 164 respirations 36. A resection of the

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of the limb. The needle had occasioned very little inflammation and came

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called bimanual version before the Obstetrical Society and

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values in others however the chemical statistics derived from the

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The condition of the epithelium is discussed and the occasional

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of the cardiac nerves and ganglia arise which can only be demon

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cases of a similar kind have been related by Dr. Husemann.

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attacks for its general tonic eft ect but profluced no noticeal le

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appearing. Removal of successive sections of the cerebellar cortex

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uterine mucous membrane after parturition are as follows

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hospital practice. I must say for myself that I haye never seen one

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