any operation on the throat. The discomfort and inconvenience here

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chapters on the ear present considerable originality. Each chap

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in the Glasgow Fever Hospital siDce the middle of November 1862

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pills were given with a similar result. In one remarkable case

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of the latter patient long continued to beat upwards of 100 in the

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Principles Inrolrrd. The rinciples involved in the method

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A normal epithelial cell for example takes up a certain quantity

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of cream in the diet must l c diminished. Carbohydrates protect body

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discharge lo infection and in another the patient suffered fi om stric

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of barium possesses strong toxicity while as we have seen the

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while Hammarsten used pure casein. Their work corroborates

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had any specific effect in promoting the favorable termination of the

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paresis of the limbs but the knee jerks were markedly exaggerated.

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improbable that these symptoms may be secondary to hypophyseal

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subject. He concludes that a portion of the posterior root of a

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ample in which the first itttaok was by no means severe the Becond

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dormant and had not spread either north or east of Mossoul

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then only upon the operated one for four or five days. Atropine should

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Macroscopic Examination. The form coherency consistency

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shadow all others that attention is directed only to them.

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excretion it demonstrates the impossibility of controlling the ammo

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Doubtless there are many border line cases in which the symp

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on the heart sounds in hearts without blood. In some cases the

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through the sides of the walls. The floors should be made of

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they were evidently due to effusion of blood in the true skin. They

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