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disease originated Dr. Brainard thinks it is certain that it involved the

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swollen glottis. Any or all of such means we feel sure should be

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restlessness and sometimes dyspnoea. Recovery is rapid. In

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contracts at the same time as the auricle producing a large summa

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ment though the condition of the patient suggested a fatal issue.

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which coagulation in the veins is produced by the presence of pus

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Case 1. Varicose veins of leg injection of persulphate of iron cured

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the dura mater yet the question remains whether such propagation

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treatment of neuralgia of the face and describes his new operation tor

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much greater among the men having a vital capacity below the aver

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by the remedy in injections in from eight to twenty four hours. It

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of two systems of waves which were independent of each other and not

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nation has not always been exercised in this connection and

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