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opium was administered and the alkaline treatment continued.

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the foregoing account of the symptoms of trichina disease many

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by the sympathetic nerve it is difficult to determine. It is evidently

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evident increase of muscular development through the whole side

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more secondary results of the action of a blood coagulating agent in

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was obtained after the administration of atropine. As both con

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condition is something more than lack of food. Thyroid extract

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minutely. The hand had fairly regained its shape and size but the

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disease. The use of the sphygmomanometer and the discovery of

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Finally a persistent low blood pressure may have been an addi

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consequence of the vessel irritability seen in the early stages or it may

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with the degree of accuracy that could be desired Mr. Adams

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when the symptoms are flependent upon a myocarditis. Alcohol in

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and more transitory paralysis of the opposite side of the trunk of

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of the conjunctival reflex has not been attended by any noteworthy

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the groups arc arrayed 1 fish and batrachia 2 reptiles 3

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Recent studies of the physiology of the thyroid and parathyroid

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dilatation on irritating the peripheral ends of the divided roots.

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in advanced age with limbs entirely crippled and wasted doubled

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shown by control cultures. P gt esli suspensions of the dead bacilli

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coveries as the result of antisyphilitic treatment have been reported

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